Alicja Pyszka-Franceschini

Accomplished Squirrel is not the most obvious of names for a language school or language service, but then think of the spirit of a child who comfortably uses many of his languages and digs out the little trophies of vocabulary from the mysterious hiding places in their mind . Squirrels are sociable and fun-loving, they are clever and always prepared. They’re accomplished even before we add that qualifying adjective before their names. Just as our children are… even before we add any qualifying adjectives before their names…

This Accomplished Squirrel is slightly different to other squirrels in as much as its aim is not to hide how she gathers her treasure, but to make the process of learning languages as obvious and transparent as possible so that there is both the achievement and the clarity of how multilingualism happens and what is our role as parents or carers in supporting this remarkable process. After all, our children do not know that thoughts, feelings, observations and experiences can be articulated until we show them that they can.

My hope is that this site and my business will provide you with a strong shield against the three enemies of Accomplished Squirrels, i.e. naysayers, misinformation and discouragement, and as a result will successfully guide you towards the desired language competence for you and your child.


With my warmest wishes,


Alicja Pyszka-Franceschini (BA, MA, CELTA, FHEA)  is a language teacher and a part-time doctoral researcher in Multilingualism with a particular focus on Language Competence and Family Wellbeing. She is a bilingual speaker (Polish-English) and a mother of a trilingual 7 year-old (Polish, Italian and English) and a small baby girl.